A list of things I have read that I want to tell other people about.

Non-exhaustive, in no particular order, updated as and when I am so moved.

An entirely subjectively chosen collection; the only criterion for inclusion is whether I really really loved the piece.

Short Stories

      • This Side of the Wall, by Michael Gardner (Metaphorosis January 2018)
        I read this story two years ago and I still think about it. It is so good. Sci-fi with a very fantasy feel, great concept, layers and layers, full of surprises.
      • Who killed the cat?, by Peter Dickinson (in Verdict of 13: A Detective Club Anthology, Ed. Julian Symons)
        A perfect puzzle mystery, in which all the characters are aliens. Weird, inventive, and delightful.
      • Story of Your Life, by Ted Chiang (in Starlight 2, Ed. Patrick Neilsen Hayden and Stories of Your Life and Others)
        Linguistics, physics, determinism and aliens somehow come together to create this elegant story that is full of love and beauty.
      • Seventy-Two Letters, by Ted Chiang (in Vanishing Acts, Ed. Ellen Datlow and Stories of Your Life and Others)
        A steampunky golem story about creation and discovery, featuring incredibly rich worldbuilding and an extraordinary amount of semen.
      • Black Sky, by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir (in OxCrimes, Ed. Mark Ellingham and Peter Florence)
        A viscerally uneasy read, set in a dangerous mining rig that the characters are desperate to escape even before the ghostly voices start…