My flash fiction piece, Rites, is featured in the latest issue of Wild Musette Journal, available now!

Issue #1801 of the journal, entitled Medusa at the Morgue, is available in print and ebook editions, or via free electronic subscription. Get it via Wild Musette, Amazon, or by order from your local bookshop.

ISBN 978-1940822273 (paperback) or 978-1-940822-28-0 (ebook)

My copy of Medusa at the Morgue is on order, and I’m pretty excited by the teasers, all of which sound like brilliantly weird, inventive, twisty myth and folklore: “kelpies, a mysterious egg, a green man in a retirement home, a Greek detective in a toga, a service that repairs problems that have not yet occurred, phoenix sisters, and a young Medusa contemplating her career options.”

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